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UPDATED 1/7/17 2:40PM - Time For Our "Executive Producer" and Part-time President-Elect To "Grow Up" As VP Biden Says

What The Intelligence Community Has On Russia Being Responsible For Hacking And Interfering With Our Election Process

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UPDATED: January 7, 2017 2:40PM EST

     It seems that the only thing President-elect Trump is concerned with over Russia hacking and interfering with our election process, our political process, and our democracy, is his election being delegitimized. Hours before he received the classified briefing from the intelligence community he said "it's a political witch hunt" referring to the investigation of just what Russia did. Afterwards he said the briefing was "constructive" but was still refusing to agree with the conclusions of the NSA, FBI, CIA, DNI, and the entire 17 intelligence agencies. This being the case, again, because he is saying that democrats are trying to delegitimize his being elected. He doesn't see the big picture in that our country was attacked and our election and political process was influenced. 

Trump's Response To The Briefing Is To Outright Lie About What The Report Actually Said! - Knowing Full Well That A "Declassified" Version Was Going To Be Released

     "This publically available report made available yesterday, this "declassified" report, if accurate, it taught us all a great deal about what the Russians did to influence our election this past year, and why they did it which is very dramatic, why Putin had this grudge dating back to a specific thing that happened in 2011, why he wanted to destroy her, where that came from, fascinating" says Rachel Maddow (The Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC January 6, 2017). She entices you to read the report saying that if you don't want to read the annexes, the evidentiary, technical stuff, it's only 5 pages long, which is true, I read it, it really didn't hurt that much. She went to say that there was one other thing that the report taught us, that our President-elect was willing to flat out lie to us, to our faces, and even put it in writing, even when we can check for ourselves, that he is blatantly lying about a really big thing. He apparently will just brazenly lie to us, even about really important, national security stuff, and we learned that today even if we didn't know it before she said. She then pointed out that on the top of every single page of the report there is a box, that box says "This report is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment; it's conclusions are identical to those in the highly classified assessment but this version does not include the full supporting information on key elements of the influence campaign." It is literally printed on the top of every single page but doesn't have the sources and methods that would screw with our spies or whatever. The highly classified assessment that President Barack Obama ordered was given to the president yesterday and then given to the President-elect. Right after that, right after the President-elect came out of that briefing he put out a statement about what he learned in the briefing, and he blatantly, overtly, bluntly, simply lied about what is in the report, right before this report got publically released, so we can check for ourselves, and see that he was lying. January 6, 2017: President-elect Donald J. Trump released the following statement at the conclusion of the meeting with Intelligence Community leaders: "While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat [sic] (should be Democratic) National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election..." so he's saying after getting briefed, reading the report, meeting with the Director of the CIA, FBI, DNI, and NSA, he can tell you, the American people, that there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election," that's what he tells us. Well, here's what is actually in the report: "We did not make an assessment of the impact that Russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 election." So, our President-elect is lying to us, he says that the report concludes that the Russian hacking had "absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election" but that is NOT what the report says. The report did NOT conclude that, you can read it yourself Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections . He tells other lies as well, he also said in his statement "There were attempts to hack the Republican National Committee, but the RNC had strong hacking defenses and the hackers were unsuccessful." REALLY?! That's what the report says, says Rachel Maddow, I can look at the report myself now, and it doesn't say that! At all! What the report says is "Russia collected on some Republican-affiliated targets but did not conduct a comparable disclosure campaign."  So Russia WAS successful in stealing data and documents from the Republicans, they just didn't blast it back into the United States as propaganda and stuff because they wanted Trump to win the presidency. The President-elect lied to us today about that as well. Either the President-elect thinks we're idiots or he didn't know they were going to release the report yesterday. Rachel Maddow warns us to "Don't believe a word the President-elect says on this topic, until at least they correct the overt lies that they told about the report yesterday. Most of this article has been taken from The Rachel Maddow Show aired on January 6, 2017.

     So, it appears that our Executive Producer of a reality show (that he bashes the new host of - Arnold Schwarzenegger, while claiming to be "the ratings machine - DJT") and part-time President-elect thinks he's always talking to his gullible, ignorant, low-information, supporting base. I wonder how many will even look at the report, see that he overtly lies about something so important, and can be so easily verified, and that he has absolutely no problem lying anyway.

     Many times when I post something that I think is very dangerous about our President-elect, about him truly being unfit to be our Commander-in-Chief, about his ignorance to run this country as far as foreign policy or anything else, people assume I'm for Hillary. Let me set the record straight one more time. I do think that if Hillary was elected that it would be a less dangerous place that we would be in, then we are now. Only because she has extensive experience in foreign relations, protocol, and politics and how things need to run. I believe that we could have somewhat kept a close eye on her and had some influence in the path she took for our country. I think we could have held her feet to the fire on progressing with all the things Bernie Sanders (I-VT) forced her to put in the Democratic Platform. The fact that, not only do we have an unfit, narcissistic, racist, sexist, ignorant, demagogue in the White House, who has picked billionaires (to complete the oligarchy and plutocracy that exist already) for his cabinet, like Scott Pruitt (R-OK) a climate denier, for Director of the EPA, Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxon/Mobil) for Secretary of State, who happens to have a great, cozy, relationship with a President of a foreign nation who just hacked and interfered with our election and political processes, and our democracy (what is left it anyway,) Republicans now get to nominate the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice after simply refusing to do their jobs by not giving Merrick Garland even a hearing for over a year. Republicans also now have control of ALL three branches of Government, The Executive Branch (The White House,) The Judicial Branch (U.S. Supreme Court,) and The Legislative Branch (U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives {Congress}.) In addition to that they now control 32 State Legislatures by way of Governorships and/or State Legislators. Finally, on Hillary, I remember seeing a case just about one year ago, where a soldier who "accidentally" took home classified information on his laptop, and even though the military was able to confirm he had no malice or intent, and there was confirmation that the information had not been compromised or released or seen by anyone, he was indicted, convicted, given a court martial, and sent to the brig, for FAR LESS than what Hillary has done, in MANY situations. I believe she should be in prison, and that she never should have been available to run a campaign for President, or conspire to ruin Bernie Sanders chances of being our next President, whom incidentally, I believe wholeheartedly would of beat the crap out of Trump. So what do we do now in the face of such danger?

So What Can WE Do You Ask? There Is Something

     Just last week we witnessed the power of the people. When Republicans decided that their very first action with the 115th Congress was going to be to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), an independent committee to oversee congressional behavior, and put it under the control of the House of Representatives, themselves, as in the fox in charge of the hen house, people got angry and took action. They "flooded the phone lines" of their U.S. Senators and Congressmen and women. By the next morning the MSM was trying to give the credit for making them withdraw the bill to President-elect Trump because he made a tweet at 10:03AM but that didn't fly either. Too many representatives had already gone public with the fact that their phones were "swamped" with constituents calling them to object to the bill. People do have power, but must get involved in ways that make a difference. I've signed online petitions for years and don't see any results. The only time I can recall any petition make a difference is when the people of Wisconsin worked very hard and got a million signatures to call for a recall of their newly elected Governor,Scott Walker (R-WI) after he took away their collective bargaining rights to break unions soon after getting into office. But amazingly enough, he won the recall election because of an unprecedented amount of dark money, and outside money from the likes of the Koch brothers. Contacting your Representatives is a good way to make them respond, but it only works when a lot of people do it at the same time, and in a timely manner. Please SEE: Indivisible - A Practical Guide To Resist The Trump Agenda which I posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017. Please DOWNLOAD the guide HERE and SHARE the post and the guide as much as you can. When Ezra Levin appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show last Wednesday he said that in the 24 hours leading up to his appearance there had been 600,000 page views and over 135,000 downloads of the guide. The guide is written by three ex-Hill Congressional aides that took a close look at the Tea Parties strategies and which ones worked. Remember that the Tea Party started out with a lot of very small groups, groups of 4-5 people, but by 2010 they were able to take over the House of Representatives. It shows how we can use those same successful strategies to get back control of all the State Legislatures, Congress, and the U.S. Senate.  LET'S GET INVOLVED, NOW! LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY, AND DEMOCRACY BACK! We currently live in an oligarchy and Plutocracy, let's take back democracy, and let's take it back starting RIGHT NOW!


Original post on January 6, 2017

"Similar Tactics" "Techniques" Where's The Proof?

So a friend of mine, very knowledgeable in computers, hacking, programming, etc., finally got through my thick head that you're never going to "catch" a hacker by "footprints" or "malicious code" that they leave. If they're any good anyway. It took awhile and I appreciate the knowledge that he gave me although I'm sure that's just basics. I also believe that the e-mails that were hacked from the DNC and Podesta were mostly, if not 100% genuine, and not altered. I also believed that they must of had something to bring to the table when they presented their conclusion to the White House in October, as a group. Although at that point they weren't in agreement as to the motive (the CIA said it was to help elect Trump, the FBI wasn't so sure) they did present classified information to convince all Democratic leaders, and a vast majority of Republicans, (all but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)) that it was the Russians that hacked the DNC and Podesta. I understand from my friend that the DNC is also at fault since their security was totally incompetent. But as previews of the information starts coming out today about what they have about not only the Russians being responsible, but in fact, their motives, and more. It's early yet but it appears the Russians were congratulating themselves "on their success" of helping Trump get elected which the intelligence agencies intercepted. The intelligence agencies also intercepted, from what I'm hearing, actual proof of the hacked e-mails being delivered. I believe over the next few days we will be given much more of what they have. Again, this doesn't take away what was in the e-mails and all the corrupt, disgusting, things the DNC, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, and the criminal Hillary did during the campaign, but it will, I believe, stop the notion that we were not attacked (as I'm sure we do to other foreign nations) by the Russians and need to retaliate. It should also stop our Executive Producer of a reality show and part-time President-elect from embarrassing our nation by supporting the monster that is Putin and discrediting our intelligence community. 

Former CIA Director, Ambassador James Woolsey, Intelligence Officials, Senators from both parties are convinced Russians were culprit behind hacks and were in an "organizing role" rather than a "participant role." The proof and specifics are likely classified.

Trump is Briefed, Declassified Report is Released

     President-elect Donald Trump receives briefing from intelligence community today and still isn't ready to point the finger at Russia for election related cyber hacking.Hours after calling the intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered with the election a "political witch hunt" Trump was briefed by the heads of The National Security Agency (NSA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Although he complimented those who gave him the briefing and called the meeting "constructive" he still isn't willing to agree with their findings. It seems clear, from his reaction and statements, that narcissistic, egomaniac, Trump, is more concerned with his delusional "landslide" electoral win (that was actually ranked 46th) being delegitimize than our country's vulnerability from cyber hacking. He's willing to embarrass America by having its President-elect discredit the people of these agencies. Earlier this week he said he trusted Julian Assange more than he trusted men and women who put their lives in danger gathering intelligence in the intelligence community. He said he knew things about hacking that "no one else" knew. Seems we heard that record before, when he said he had investigators in Hawaii digging up proof that President Obama's birth certificate didn't exist or was fake and said "they're digging up a whole lot, wait until you see all the stuff, there's a lot." Just more delusional thoughts like "I know more about ISIS than the General do." I swear, I don't understand how almost half of the American people can be so gullible, so blind, as to his lies, delusions, and megalomania.

     Also The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) Statement on "Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions In Recent U.S. Elections" hours ago. In an Official Statement on December 29, 2017, A Joint DHS, ODNI, FBI Statement on Russian Malicious Cyber Activity the DHS, ODNI, and FBI, said that "On October 7, 2016 Secretary Johnson and Director Clapper issued a joint statement that the intelligence community is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from persons and institutions, including from U.S. Political organizations, and that the disclosure of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks are consistent with the Russian-directed efforts. The statement also noted that the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques accross Europe and Eurasia to influence public opinion there." It goes on to say "Today {December 29,2016} DHS and FBI released a Joint Analysis Report (JAR) which further expands on that statement by providing the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian military Intelligence Service (RIS) to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.  The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by GRIZZLY STEPPE. The 13 page report then goes into the technical information that I am not qualified to assess but hope that a friend like mine will assess it and give me his conclusion on it's merits.

Report: Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections

     You can read the entire report here; Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections . 

Erin Burnett, (Outfront with Erin Burnett/CNN,) interviewed a bitter opponent to Vladimir Putin, and someone who has done massive business with Donald Trump, the former President of Georgia, and is Opposition Leader in Ukraine, who has seen the intelligence report and has actually has experienced being hacked by Russia and Vladimir Putin, Mikheil Saakashvili. She stated to him that "The report concludes that quote "we assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered these efforts to influence the U.S. election." This is the Putin you know." His response was "Well he certainly heavily influenced our election in Georgia and tried to influence the Ukrainian election, you ask the leadership and they will tell you how he interfered.  In 2008 we were one of the first of their cyber attacks where they basically attacked all of the government computers just before the military attack, so cyber war is part of general warfare." He continued on with how Putin tapped into phone calls then played them at opportune times. 

I will update this post after taking in the response to the report throughout tonight and tomorrow morning.

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INDIVISIBLE - A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda

There's No Longer Any Excuse For Not Getting Involved and Being Effective In Our Future

John A. Smith, Founder/Editor, New York, January 5, 2017 10:15 AM

www.indivisibleguide. com

Ex-Hill Congressional Staffers Offer Guide To Resist Trump

     Ezra Levin, Leah Greenberg, and Angel Padillajan, authors of "Indivisible - A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda" is catching on like wildfire. I first heard about it when Rachael Maddow, MSNBC - The Rachel Maddow Show interview co-author Ezra Levin on Wednesday nights show. I started my blog Get Involved For A Better America in November of 2013, my mission was to get people involved in politics by finding, contacting, and tracking their own politicians. These ex-Hill congressional staffers have authored the most useful, and more importantly, effective ways, to get involved and make a difference with very effective strategies to win local and federal elections and stopping the Republicans and Trump from destroying our democracy, which actually is an oligarchy/plutocracy. Ezra Levin in the interview with Rachel says they put up a Google doc 2 1/2 weeks ago and Google immediately crashed. They put up a website just so people could download Indivisible - A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda As of that interview last night there have been over 600,000 page views and 130, 000 downloads. He also said that there have been over 350 groups all over the nation register in the last 24 hours. They have followers in literally every congressional district in America. Now is the time to get involved.

The Guide (Updated December 31, 2016)

     Online petitions and form letters have very limited effectiveness. As my Facebook page Stop The Obstructionist Tea Party and my blog Get Involved For A Better America have always had the same mission, educate people on important issues from as reliable a source as possible and get them to contact their own Representatives, I am greatly appreciative of this guide being published and think it wiLl, or can, be extremely useful and most importantly, effective, BUT ONLY IF PEOPLE SHARE IT, use it, and talk about it with everyone you know. On my blog I offer links to find and track your U.S. Senators (, your U.S. Congressmen and women (, as well as websites to find, track, and contact state and local politicians. I, long ago, pretty much gave up signing online petitions because I didn't think they were doing anything to get our Representatives attention, much less action. Form letters are convenient but again, I don't believe our Representatives pay much attention to them. This guide (on page 3) says "Together, we have the power to resist - and we have the power to win." This was evident very recently when the newly installed 115th Congress tried to make it's first action, to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) after holding a closed-door secret session to create a bill putting the responsibility of overseeing congressional ethics under the House of Representatives control, yes, virtually putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Although the Main Street Media (MSM) for some time tried to give credit to Trump's tweet they had no choice but to admit it was the Representatives being inundated with phone calls and e-mails from constituents that got them to withdraw that ludicrous bill. The power of the people is there, it always has been, but we must stand together and get involved, take action, for it to be effective. Ronald Reagan knew this and used it. Every time Congress was against him he would go on TV and address Americans directly, causing them to call their Representatives and the Representatives really had no choice but to follow what the people were insisting on. That's what happened with that ethics bill on Wednesday, pressure from YOU, the constituents, flooding their phones lines and inboxes, got them to withdraw the bill. This guide is what Democrats should have written and published right after the success the Tea Party had in the 2010 elections. Perhaps all democrats in office, wanting to run for office, and certainly those in control of the DNC, should take notes from Ezra Levin, Leah Greenberg, and Angel Padillajan.

So You're Interested And Want To Know Where To Start?

     First and foremost, if you don't know who is representing you locally and nationally, use these links, right now, to find who they are and write down their phone numbers and ways to e-mail them:

U.S. Senators (2): 
U.S. Congress:

State Senators, Assembly, Legislators: 

(When you go to this site, just under the title banner, you'll see a search box called "I Spy," put in your address, (Zip+4 if you know it) it will show you everyone that is representing you from the President on down to your most local politicians. 

Once you've entered your address and hit enter you will be given that full list of those representing you. It starts with the President, then his cabinet and appointees, and then your Governor, and State Senators, Legislators and so on, but remember, the only ones listed are representing YOU. Look specifically for "U.S. Senate" members; "U.S. House" members; and for your State Representatives look for "State Senate" "State Assembly" (some states have legislators, some Assembly, whichever your state has will be listed) and "Legislator" (your list may not contain some positions, some may show other positions, but it will show you who is representing YOU.) 

Click on a members name, now just below the search box you will see file folders, click on "Bio and it will give you all the information, from their capitol phone numbers, district offices, e-mail addresses their children's names and more. you should write the phone numbers and addresses of their local district offices if you want on a piece of paper so you have it immediately available should an issue arise that you want to immediately weigh in on. 

Here is my "Contact List" that I can utilize in a minutes notice should I hear something is going on in government whether I'm for it or against it:

So Now That You Have Your Contact Sheet

     Read the guide that is so informative. Remember the Bold Faced, last sentence in the first paragraph of the introduction "Together, we have the power to resist - and we have the power to win." Also, in the highlighted box "Who Is This Document By And For" on page 3, the introduction, is instruction for YOU, It says YOU: should use this guide, share it, amend it, make it your own, and get to work." I, for one, have seen, as you assume have, that when the people speak up, contact their representatives in large numbers, we can get things done. That's what I've been trying to promote with my blog, and Facebook page, because I've seen it work. If you're willing to let the Executive Producer of a realty show, a narcissist, a hateful, racist, man, who says things "off the cuff" that are proven to be about 80% outright lies, then take your chances, sit back, and wait for the disaster that is sure to come with the megalomaniac, and the Repuglicans, and TeaPublicans, who now have control of all three branches of government and 32 State Houses and/or Governorships. Remember that by simply refusing to do their jobs, their sworn duty, by not even giving President Obama's  nomination for the U.S. Supreme court a hearing, much less a vote, they won! They will now select the next Supreme Court Justice. That in itself should be enough for people to be outraged and want to act. 

The One Page Summary - The Outline For Success

     The summary explains how the authors studied what made the Tea Party's success against President Obama, their strategies, and how a small group was able to make such drastic reality, and how we can use those same successful strategies against them. Two years into President Obama's first term it was clear, with all the seats lost in congress, and as important, all the state and local seats lost, change was obvious, but not the change that we wanted. I'm not going to continue inserting excerpts from the guide because I want you to read it! Download it, print it like I did, Indivisible - A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda right now. Read it, make YOUR  "Political Contact List," and get involved, or buckle your seat belt of life and hope that our children don't live in a country that has been damaged beyond repair. Hope that an irresponsible, ignorant, inexperienced, racist, misogynistic man, that has chosen people for his cabinet that are also inexperienced in their chosen positions, most whom have positions that are 180 degrees from their agencies missions, don't have us going into more wars-for-profit, and situations that will hurt all Americans, except that one-tenth-of-one percent, who has 95% of all wealth in this oligarchy/plutocracy.


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Pressure from YOUR Phone Calls and E-mails Caused Republicans to Withdraw Ridiculous Bill Yesterday - Now Let's Tell Them To Not Repeal The ACA Without A Valid Replacement!

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Even though the Main Street Media (MSM) tried to give Trump credit for stopping the Republicans from passing a bill to allow themselves to decide when and who to investigate on ethics Republicans are admitting that it was actually their phone lines being swamped and their e-mail inboxes being filled that made them decide to withdraw the bill. YOUR ACTION DID IT!

John A. Smith, Founder/Editor, New York, January 4, 2017

> > > T A K E A C T I O N N O W ! ! ! < < <

I just called my Congressman, Lee Zeldin, a Republican, to urge him to not repeal "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (aka Obamacare) without replacing it with something that will actually be at least as beneficial. YOU can do the same! Yesterday the people's voice was heard when many called and e-mailed their representatives and got them to withdraw their secretly prepared bill to gut the U.S. Office on Independent Counsel which is tasked with overseeing government officials. Please, if you don't already have your current U.S. Senators and Congressperson's phone number and/or e-mail, or need to find who they are, use the links below to find and contact YOUR representatives and tell them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a valid replacement. I just called my Republican's office and actually spoke to a human being, told him what I was urging the Congressman to do. To find YOUR U.S. Senators (2) use and to find your Congressman or Congresswoman use . PLEASE GET INVOLVED, IT MATTERS, YOU MATTER!

Please check my blog Get Involved For A Better America at and my Facebook page Stop The Obstructionist Tea Party at for all the important political information you need to know.

Here is a list of links that will help you not only FIND who YOUR politicians are but will assist you in TRACKING them (seeing how they voted on bills, when they sponsor or co-sponsor a bill, etc.) and CONTACTING them. You could also look at legislative bills and track their progress as well.

How to Find and Contact your Representatives

To FIND, and CONTACT, your State Senators, Assembly person, and other Local Legislators enter your ​Address and ​Zip Code at:
(You can also search for “Bills” and “Legislation” that are in the State Legislature and across all states at this site.)

To FIND, and CONTACT, your U.S. Congressperson enter your Zip Code at:
(You can also search for “Bills” and “Legislation” that are, or were, in the House of Representatives (Congress,) see which Congressional district you are in, and much more about the United States House of Representatives (Congress,) the at

To FIND, and CONTACT, your U.S. Senators enter your Zip Code at:
(You can also search for “Bills” and “Legislation” that are in the U.S. Senate, and much more about the U. S, Senate at this site.)
To TRACK Congressperson, Senators, Legislative Bills, Voting Records of your Representatives, go to:
Other very useful sites are:
POPVOX VoteSmart and PolitiFact (to check Facts about things you hear and see from Politicians.)

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Representatives Phones Ring Over Ethics Bill - Reps. Pull It Back, Now MSM Says It Was Trumps Tweet!

MSM - Shaping and Being - Instead of Reporting - THE NEWS!

John A. Smith, Founder/Editor, New York, January 3, 2017 5:05 PM

Doesn't Paul Ryan look so happy before his first move to take the ethics oversight into the House instead of leaving it with an independent council? Photo by Common Dreams

The 115th Congress Is Sworn In Today

     The Republicans wanted it to be some thing special. So they held a secret, closed door, session and decided the very first thing to be done should be to take away the function of the U.S. Office of Independent Counsel, tasked with investigating government officials. They created a bill to put those responsibilities under the House of Representatives! You heard me, they wanted the responsibility of investigating their wrongdoing themselves, the fox in the hen house scenario, You got it! They want to get rid of the only independent council overseeing ethics and put themselves in charge of investigating themselves. Another very important part of the bill called for "No investigations on anything older than 2011"! Why could that possibly be? OH! WTF?! Could it be that many of them did something wrong leading up to the financial crisis of 2008-2009?! And they want to be sure if their culpability is found they can rely on this law to not be prosecuted because Congress wouldn't be allowed to investigate? For such STUPID MF's they sure get good ideas when it comes to "covering their asses (CYA). You know, the same people who spent over $7M of taxpayers money voting to repeal "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", (aka Obamacare,) 59 times! All the while knowing it would NEVER pass, much less get signed by President Barack Obama. So, the Republicans wanted the very first act of the 115th Congress to put the fox in charge of the hen house. Very interesting. But this post is about the media and how they are shaping the story to tell you what their corporate owners want them to spread. All morning it was being talked about in the media, all over the media. I personally read at least three articles where they "quoted" representatives saying that they were going to "reconsider" because their phone lines were being "swamped" by people objecting to their latest move to take away the oversight of ethics from the independent council. Welcome 115th Congress. You do know of course the large corporations that own the media want to make nice with the President-elect right?

The Republicans Are Beat Down - But MSM Decides - Trump Is The Reason - Mysteriously 

     So it starts to get reported that the Republicans had went back into secret session, closed door, meeting and when they come out, they have decided that instead of the entire House of Representatives voting on this secretly devised/closed door/ bill they would withdraw the bill all together. But now the MSM is saying they did because President-elect Donald J. Trump tweeted. At 10:03 AM he did tweet (in 2 tweets, read the bottom one first) this:
Directly from @realdonaldtrump Twitter account
     But by 2:00 PM when reporting that the Republicans withdrew the bill all media was giving Trump credit for them reversing themselves. What happened to the "public outcry" the members of Congresses phone lines being swamped? I've heard only one mention of it in hours when Chuck Todd (MSNBC - Meet The Press Daily) at about 5:00 PM when he said "It appears the Republicans learned their first lesson, the hard way, especially when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump, ethics, and a public outcry." Other than that you would not know that many representatives earlier were actually more concerned that their phone lines were ringing o"off the hook." Contrary to many people's believe contacting your own Representatives by phone, or e-mail, is VERY effective when a lot of people do it at the same time. This has been my mission on my blog Get Involved For A Better America and my Facebook page Stop The Obstructionist Tea Party since the their inception, to educate, help people FIND their own Representatives, and then to contact them by phone and/or e-mail. People CAN be heard, CAN make a difference! 

Photo by Kate's Voice from Google Search


     Please go to my blog, bookmark it, put it in your favorites, Sign-up for e-mails (I promise you will only get one e-mail each time I post something new!) There you will find links, explanations of links and posts that you may be interested in. Also, to get you started I've posted the links below. Look at the different links, some are better to find YOUR U.S. Senators (, you have two, others for finding YOUR Congressmen or Congresswomen ( and even others to find YOUR State and Local Politicians like State Senators, Assemblymen, Assemblywomen, like ( and I list sites that actually let you TRACK your Representatives and tell you when they vote, how vote, and you can track any legislative bill you want, everytime an important action is taken on a bill your tracking you will get an e-mail, that may trigger your calling or e-mailing your representatives. Please check out those sites as well. PEOPLE CAN BE HEARD - CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE TODAY. LOOK UP YOUR REPRESENTATIVES E-MAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER RIGHT NOW AND TELL THEM TO NEVER TRY AGAIN TO GET RID OF THE INDEPENDENT COUNCIL ON ETHICS!

Society of Professional Journalists

How to Find and Contact your Representatives

To FIND, and CONTACT, your State Senators, Assemblymen, Assemblywomen, and other Local Legislators enter your ​Address and ​Zip Code at:
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Indictments For The Poisoning oF The People Of Flint, MI Are Now At The Doorstep Of Republican Governor Rick Snyder - Also, The "Midas" Touch - How Snyder Stole $150M From The Poorest Citizens

Can Governor Rick Snyder Be Indicted Next?

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John A. Smith, Founder/Editor, New York, December 20, 2016 9:54 AM

Four More Former Government Officials Indicted

     The governor's office in MI is exempt from freedom of information laws (FOIL), which is a story in itself, and Governor Snyder (R-MI) has used that exemption for everything it's worth. Gov. Snyder has refused to release key documents on the poisoning of people in the city of Flint, MI, for the past 2 1/2 years. Anyone that thinks many incriminating documents of Snyder and his appointed Emergency Managers and staff haven't been destroyed by now are simply not in touch with reality. But Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is still making progress with indictments of former state-appointed Emergency Managers Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose and former city employees Howard Croft, a public works superintendent, and Daugherty Johnson, a utilities manager, who were the latest to be charged by AG Schuette. That brings the total indictments to 13 as 9 people had been charged prior to the third round of indictments that took place yesterday. The two Emergency Managers can be sentenced to 40 years in prison each, one of them 46 years because he made public statements that the water was safe to drink when he knew it wasn't. The indictments are now at the door of the Governor, will they make it into his office? With those indicted already saying the decisions were made at the highest levels, the Governor's office, he should be. The system of taking away democracy and replacing local politicians with "Emergency Managers" who are picked by, and who only report to, the Governor, is still in effect in Michigan!

Photo by Fox17

The "Midas" Touch - How Gov. Snyder Stole $150M

     Michigan Integrated Data Automation System, "M.I.D.A.S." is the name of a computer Rachael Maddow (The Rachael Maddow Show/MSNBC) reported on her show yesterday that was brought online by Gov. Snyder in the fall of 2013. Michigan elected Republican Governor Rick Snyder in 2010, he was a computer executive before then. What MIDAS did was kick all human beings out of the process of evaluating unemployment applications. What MIDAS actually did is turn the problem of unemployed people into money. When MIDAS was brought online it started treating everyone who applied for unemployment benefits like criminals. The automated system erroneously accused claimants in 93% of cases of fraud. Michigan unemployment agency made 20,000 false fraud accusations. Instead of getting their unemployment checks applicants had their applications kicked back to them and accused them of fraud. And when it did that it didn't make it clear that applicants could appeal that finding. People did not know they were even eligible to appeal against the fraud charge. People who did appeal, in 9 out of 10 cases, WON! It's an intimidating system where it tells the applicants that they made a fraudulent application and they could go to jail and have to pay fines. The people accused lost access to unemployment payments, and reported facing fines as high as $100,000. Many people did not only not appeal, not get their unemployment benefits, but were scared and started paying the fines. People who didn't pay their fines had their federal and state taxes garnished. People who were expecting a tax return, instead got a letter saying that because of the MIDAS finding of fraud the state was keeping it. Carolyn Hayes was one of the 27,000 people accused of fraud by the MIDAS system. Carolyn won her two appeals, in fact the state auditor general's report showed that of those that appealed the fraud finding, in 9 out of 10 cases won. This system held onto the money that people paid in fines,and the money garnished, and held from federal and state tax returns. You wouldn't think you can get that much money from poorer people but it did. The account that held money paid in fines and such from unemployment, the Michigan Unemployment Agency Contingent Fund, prior to MIDAS being implemented had $3.1M, in 2011. Now, after MIDAS was implemented, it holds $155M. That's MIDAS, it turns everything into gold, or in this case, money. Congressman Sandy Levin (D-MI-9) has been all over this. Two major lawsuits have been filed against the state of Michigan and has resulted in a "limited review" of this MIDAS catastrophe and what it has done to people. So far, of the money took, unlawfully, 2,571 individuals have been repaid a total of $5.4M from the $155M that they stole from these people who lost their job, filed for unemployment, were told they committed fraud, paid fines, all the while not having any money for food and housing. Because it's Michigan though, Rachael Maddow says, "I believe that because they continue to be the least appreciated, and most radical Republicans in the whole country, they passed a bill this week to transfer $10M of that stolen money, calling it a "surplus" unemployment insurance funds to help balance the state budget. They're probably going to try to use all of it before they are ordered to repay the people they stole it from. You know, the people that lost their jobs, had no money for food, clothing, and housing, were not only denied unemployment benefits, but were told they committed fraud and had to pay fines to avoid jail, were not allowed to re-apply, and had their tax returns taken by the state. Even while the investigations are going on, they pass a bill to take $10M of the stolen money to balance their state budget. In 2013 when MIDAS was being put into use Governor Rick Snyder appointed an "Emergency Manager" to the city of Flint. The "Emergency Manager" law is a democracy stealing law that takes away democracy in that it allows the Governor to totally ignore elections of local officials who were duly elected by the people and appoint "Emergency Managers" picked solely by the Governor and who report ONLY to the Governor. It is still in effect. 

Photo by EcoWatch

Donald Trump's Connection To The Flint Water Crisis

     Ryan Schleeter of EcoWatch reports Flint, MI, still does not have clean drinking water. Now, President-elect Donald Trump—whose campaign stump speech included a crude joke about the city's water crisis—has tapped one of the people responsible for the crisis to join his cabinet.

     Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, and her family have a long history of using their wealth to manipulate Michigan state elections and push through "reforms" that undercut local democracy. She's a staunch advocate of privatization measures that shift power from people to corporations—and one of those measures led directly to the poisoning of Flint's water and citizens. Read more.

The MIDAS  Touch References

LANSING, Mich. -- The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency recently finished a review of 22,427 fraud determinations, and 93 percent of those cases have been overturned, according to the UIA. Of those cases, 2,571 people have been repaid a total of $5.4 million.
Congressman Sander Levin (D-MI 9th District) called for the case reviews in May. Read more.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's MIDAS program had a 93% error rate and falsely accused 20,000 workers of unemployment fraud Read more.

Rachael Maddow Reports MIDAS

     As if the Flint water crisis wasn't enough, Michigan's unemployment system installed under Governor Rick Snyder flagged a whopping 93 percent of applicants as fraudulent. See video. Read more.


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